2010 Snapshot Archive: Kim Falconer

First published at Alexandra Pierce’s LiveJournal.

Kim Falconer lives in Byron Bay with two gorgeous black cats. As well as her author website, she runs an astrology forum and alternative science site, trains with a sword and is completing a Masters Degree in writing through Open Universities Australia. Her novel writing is done early every morning, seven days a week. Currently she’s working on her second series, Quantum Encryption, due out Spring 2010.

1. The third book in your Quantum Enchantment series, Strange Attractors, has just come out – congratulations! The main character, Rosette, is described as a ‘child of two worlds’: one of magic, the other an Earth of failing technology. What inspired you to create such a character, and imagine such an intersection of worlds? What do you hope readers will take away from the series?

I juxtaposed the magical hegemony of Gaela with a futuristic Earth to explore Arthur C. Clarke’s notion: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ I wanted to see how that could be true, and to explore ideas of consciousness and sentience. Rosette blossomed from an essay about a girl who came home to find her family murdered—once she hit the pages, she had a whole lot more story to tell!

My readers will recreate the work in ways that are meaningful to them. They complete the act of writing—each in their own way. I aim to provide immersion, imagination, optimism and of course, enchantment.

2. Your website, http://www.falconastrology.com/, reflects your diverse interests – your writing, of course, but also Iaido, of which you are a practitioner, and astrology. Do you see your writing influencing or being influenced by the sword and the stars?

Iaido—the art of the samurai sword—started out as research for the first book, The Spell of Rosette. I’d watched Kill Bill and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon numerous times but I still didn’t know how to write a good sword scene. I took up Iaido to improve my authenticity and loved it! Now I not only wield a samurai sword in real life, I use it to choreograph all my action scenes. It was the first thing my publisher, Stephanie Smith, noticed. She said, ‘It’s like the sword fights are real,’ and they are!

My father was an astrologer too so I grew up with ‘the stars’ as a strong reference in my life. It’s woven into my books—basic sun sign traits, transits and even ancient methods of divination. But I’ve made a point to keep the jargon down. It’s not ‘hard work’ to read, but there are some handy hints for the keen astrology student.

3. It seems a somewhat cruel question to pose a fortnight after your last book’s publication, but – what’s next? Do you have ideas up your sleeve for new novels, or short stories?

Not a cruel question at all! I’m delighted to say I have another three book contract with HarperVoyager and am very excited about this next work—the Quantum Encryption series. It begins as a prequel to Quantum Enchantment, exploring the genetic engineering of the Lupins on Earth and Gaela before the temple wars. Over the three books it eclipse where Strange Attractors ends, telling the finer details of one of my most popular characters, the fabled Kreshkali. Book one comes out Spring 2010 and is called The Path of the Stray. I’m doing the copy edits as we speak!

4. With Aussiecon4 coming up this year, there’s been a lot of buzz about nominating Australians for Hugos. Which Australians do you think ought to be nominated this year?

I’ve been publishing a book every six months for the last year—and will continue to do so until 2012 so I haven’t kept up on the current releases, save mostly for a few of my fellow Voyager Authors. I would love to see Glenda Larke’s Stormlord Rising and Kylie Chan’s Hell to Earth listed, and also Trudi Canavan’s Aurealis winning Magician’s Apprentice. It would be great to have Peter M. Ball in there for both novella (Horn) and his short story “Clockwork, Patchwork and Ravens.” In the pure SF realm, Sean Williams, The Grand Conjunction has my vote!

5. Will you be attending Aussiecon4? If so, what are you most looking forward to?

I will be attending, yes! I look forward to immersing in all the buzz and talks and happenings of the event but mostly I’m excited to finally meet face to face with people from HarperVoyager, readers of Voyager Online Blog, and my many FaceBook and Twitter Spec Fic friends. I can’t wait!

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