2012 Snapshot Archive: Gaston Locanto

First published at Tehani Wessely’s blog.

Gaston Locanto is a freelance illustrator living in Sydney, Australia. Having recently graduated with an associate degree in graphic design, Gaston is hoping to eke out a living whereby people give him money for the things he used to do for free. Student loans don’t pay themselves. Some of his work can be viewed at www.gastonlocanto.com.

1. You are relatively new on the speculative fiction scene in Australia, with original art and design work for FableCroft Publishing – what is your background in the field and where else might we see your work?

I have always been a genre fan having been inspired by not only the best writers of the 80s and 90s but by the amazing artists whose work adorned many a book cover. Artists such as Michael Whelan, George Underwood, Patrick Woodroffe, Bob Eggleton to name but a few. As I’m new in the field there isn’t much visual diaspora from me currently but that will change as time lurches forward.

2. You attended Swancon Thirty Six last year – what were your impressions, as a newcomer, of the science fiction convention phenomena?

I found the experience very pleasant. Everybody was very helpful and inclusive and they seemed to be having a very fun time.

3. What’s next for you? Are you actively seeking commissions in the speculative fiction arena?

My attention lately has been getting my portfolio in order and approaching Illustrator Agencies as well as record labels for work. If any interesting calls go out for spec fic art I’d likely make a fist of it.

4. What Australian works have you loved recently?

I read very little genre writing these days (more of a non-fiction reader) so the only Aussie genre book I’ve read is Debris by my wife Jo Anderton. I did honestly love it but I’m hardly an unbiased spectator.

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