2014 Snapshot Archive: Rowena Cory Daniells

First published at Katharine Stubbs’ blog.

Rowena Cory Daniells, best selling author of the King Rolen’s Kin and Outcast Chronicles series, writes the kind of books that you curl up with on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Rowena also writes paranormal-crime (no vampires), in The Price of Fame. In 2015, her original trilogy will be reprinted as an omnibus called The Fall of Fair Isle.
Rowena can be found at http://rowena-cory-daniells.com/
Twitter: @rcdaniells

FairIsle1. What can you tell us about your current projects? Are there any tidbits you may be able to share with us?

RCD: After nearly fifteen years my original trilogy is being reprinted as an omnibus, titled The Fall of Fair Isle. The release date is March 2015 and I have the cover in my hot little hands just this minute.

2. You announced at the end of 2013 that the publisher Solaris have purchased your Fall of Fair Isle trilogy (which readers may also know as The Last T’En), and are set to release omnibus print and e-book editions, due for publication mid 2015. What has the journey for this series been like, and what can readers who may not have been able to get their hands on it originally, expect to get when they pick it up?

RCD: It was interesting coming back to this trilogy. Originally I wrote four books but the publisher closed down the line after the publication of the third book (even though the omnibus edition of the third book sold out).
Much of the world building that I used to create the Outcast Chronicles was from the unpublished fourth book. With the release of the omnibus I have integrated a little more of the back-story into The Fall of Fair Isle trilogy, so that those who have read the OC can see what has happened in the last 600 years. (FoF is set 600 years after the OC).


3. Might we see more from you in the paranormal crime genre in the future, or do you think your next work shall be in traditional fantasy (as your publishers tend to favour, as stated in Snapshot 2012.

RCD: Currently I don’t have a paranormal crime project. I find that the story dictates the genre. Fantasy and science fiction give a writer more scope to explore the human condition. On top of this the genre gives me room to do some genre-bending. I can write a fantasy with an underlying mystery.

4. What Australian works have you loved recently?

RCD: Honestly, I have been flat out researching and haven’t read any fiction, Australian or otherwise. There are so many wonderful Oz authors. For a country with a small population we really do well on the world stage.


5. Have recent changes in the publishing industry influenced the way you work? What do you think you will be publishing/writing/reading in five years from now?

RCD: I’m sure all mid-list authors such as myself are watching the way the publishing industry is developing with great interest. Many of my friends are venturing into self-publishing and engaging directly with their readers. It is much more immediate and as a reader I love being able to get my hands on books as soon as I find them. Having said that, I do love the feel of a printed book.



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