2014 Snapshot Archive: Lara Morgan

First published at Helen Merrick’s blog.

lara mogan 1

Lara Morgan is the author of The Rosie Black Chronicles, a YA dystopian trilogy set in a future Australia, and the epic fantasy series The Twins of Saranthium. She is published in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Turkey. Before becoming a full time writer she was a project manager in the Arts and editor of a community newspaper. She lives in Geraldton, Western Australia with her husband and son.

1. Your current project is a series that has been a long time in the making. How do you feel about working on the  The Twins of Saranthium again?

At the moment I’m working on the third and final book in my epic fantasy series, The Twins of Saranthium while promoting the second book, Betrayal, which has just come out in ebook in English through Harlequin Escape. The first two books in the series,Awakening and Betrayal were previously both published as physical books in 2008, and 2010 but the series was dropped by my then English language publisher before the third was finished or released so it’s been a kind of resurrection from the ashes for this series and a long road to finding an alternative publisher.  Book three was partly finished in limbo for a time while I wrote other things and tried to get on with it all. So now it’s an odd mixture of feelings seeing Betrayal released again ( and revisiting it for the promotion side) but it’s certainly helped me get this third book on its way to the finishing line!

2. Your previous work was quite different – the wonderful YA SF trilogy, The Rosie Black Chronicles. Where did the inspiration for that series come from?

It’s funny where things come from because the starting idea for my YA series, The Rosie Black Chronicles, which has done quite well came from a short story that was rejected by Andromeda Spaceways Magazine (no ill will held btw! Great mag!).  I had no plans to write a trilogy  or even for it to be YA until I looked at a character from that story and started to think; hmm what if? But isn’t that often where the best ideas come from?

3. So what genre do you think you will be working in next?

I have so many ideas for more stories but at the moment barely any time to write them. With a two year old and another baby about to be born in a month I’m staring down the barrel of what will most likely be a very barren time production wise.  I will probably end up writing a stand alone YA or perhaps a contemporary romance, I haven’t decided, it all depends on how much real life allows.

4. What Australian works have you loved recently?

I have a bit of an appetite for travel memoir or travel related stories lately – probably because I just can’t go anywhere right now! I really enjoyed Alisa Piper’s Sinning Across Spain, where she walked the Camino Trail, and I have read most of Nicky Pellegrino’s novels which all feature delicious Italian locations and food in one way or another.  I also finally found the time to read Melina Marchetta’s wonderful Lumatere series and was so inspired both on a fantasy writer and a YA writer level. She thoroughly deserved all the accolades she received for those books and I wish she’d write another – even though it would make no sense in the world she created!

5. Have recent changes in the publishing industry influenced the way you work? What do you think you will be publishing/writing/reading in five years from now?

Probably the biggest change for me has been having the fantasy books come out solely as ebooks (in English anyway) which has meant I have to put a lot more effort into promoting through online avenues and trying to keep my blog and website current. It suits me in some ways because I live so far from the big cities and just can’t go to things because of the expense and time involved,  but on the other hand I also find it oddly isolating. Not having a physical book in my hands to show anyone, or to sell when I’m invited to a convention or festival, can make me feel I didn’t really write anything at all or that I’m just pretending to be an author. It’s an odd dislocating feeling. Five years? Hopefully I’ll still be publishing physical books but will also have better sales for the ebooks. Writing wise I will probably move into writing more YA and some contemporary works and probably reading more ebooks ( I currently don’t have an ereader) but still spending most of my book money on the physical books, it’s the tangible feel of holding the work that I refuse to let go of.


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