2016 Snapshot: Christopher Sequeira

Interview by Belle McQuattie.

Chris-SequeiraChristopher Sequeira is a writer, editor, and more recently a film and television producer – published in places like Australia, the UK, the USA and Canada – who specialises in mystery, horror, science fiction and super-heroes. He’s written scripts for flagship superhero comic-book brands, such as Justice League Adventures for DC Entertainment, and Iron Man and X-Men stories for Marvel Entertainment, and he’s created original characters and edited and published comics in Australia. His (and Dave Elsey’s and Phil Cornell’s) Sherlock Holmes: Dark Detective comic-book series, originally published only in Australia, has just been picked up by Caliber Entertainment for the world market.  

In recent times he’s launched the ‘Horror Australis’ genre concept with the prose anthology Cthulhu: Deep Down Under with fellow editors Bryce Stevens and Steve Proposch, with follow-up collections to be announced, and he is also editing the 2017 anthology Sherlock Holmes: The Australian Casebook for Echo Publishing. He was the co-writer, with industry legend Mark Waid, of Dynamite Comics’ Justice, Inc. – The Avenger storyline ‘Faces of Fear’, and there’s more classic literary-turned comic-book heroes coming with The Exoneration of Doctor Fu Manchu graphic novel – partnered with long-time colleague W. Cher Chan – a project designed to catapult this literary/movie icon into the 21st century and address a few significant issues with the character’s history.  

He is also working with different international film and television production partners to produce two feature films, and two television series, some based on original concepts and some on licensed properties

Last year you published horror anthology Cthulhu: Deep Down Under. What were some of the highlights and challenges of crowdfunding such a project?

Moving from the crowdfunded book to a more mainstream editorial / anthologizing career appears to be evolving out of CDDU. Can’t say much more than that, but CDDU was hard, hard, work, which needed to be slightly supplemented by the editor’s own pockets but, BAM! things are happening as a consequence. We have worked with brilliant Australian creators and now all sorts of opportunities have opened up, names you would not believe are appearing, projects being slated. Now we just have to seal a damn deal for the original book itself and the creators!!! Getting real close, though, because of a couple OTHER deals. So, the highlights are all about doing good work just for the sake of good work, and persevering. We were so, so fortunate to have found so many decent, talented people to work with and support our vision, and the signs are there that a pay-off exists in one form or another. Keeping running, keeping dreaming. Never. Ever. Give. Up. Those that treat you right, be prepared to take a bullet for; those that treat you wrong, ignore and move on.

The Australian comics industry has grown considerably over the last few years. Are there any up and coming artists/writers that you’re excited about?

Two friends of mine who do comics who have been active for a while – to those that know what’s going on – are going to have careers that just explode soon: Artist, Marcelo Baez and writer, Julie Ditrich.  Also a young lass who was at a convention table next to Chewie Chan and I earlier this year really impressed us with a decent, positive ATTITUDE and MANNER that sadly is a lacking element in aspiring professionals; she was so well-balanced it stood out enough to now make me give her a shout: Danikah Harrison, she’s got the raw talent and the right attitude, she’ll make it for sure.

What’s next for you? Can you give us any sneak peeks of your current projects?

Fu Manchu is the big one. Can really only show the main image right now. Apart from the things announced (as per my bio) the things I have coming up that I can’t name are even more exciting. I am stepping into the anthology space with my Horror Australis buddies Bryce Stevens and Steve Proposch in a huge way – we’re going international with some amazing concepts and creators. I am also developing a really cool movie relating to an established superhero with movies in his past, so that will be fun, and another movie project will happen as soon as a contract is signed, so it’s so damn close I’m terrified.

Fu Manchu_poster_02What Australian work have you loved recently?

Anything by writer Kaaron Warren, anything by artist Nicola Scott; they just turn everything to gold, those ladies.

Which author (living or dead) would you most like to sit next to on a long plane trip and why?

I only like sitting next to people on long flights that I consider friends!  They HAVE to listen to me talk crap the whole trip!



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