2016 Snapshot: ending with a bang!

SnaphotLogo2016It’s been a madcap two weeks (and a big final flurry on Sunday!) with more than 170 interviews posted on the site. We’ll be updating this page with the direct links once our blogging fingers recover from the strain, but you can scroll back or search any time.

A little advance notice – just when you thought it was safe, we have some bonus extras for you! We had a few people who could not respond in time for the two week Snapshot period, so we are doing a Snapshot Repechage this weekend, to mop up the stragglers – stay tuned!

The Snapshot team would like to thank all the lovely victims interviewees for this year’s event – we’re so delighted you could all be part of it. We can’t, unfortunately, interview every single person in the Australian SF scene, and some people we approached this time were unable to participate for various reasons, so if your favourite is missing, please forgive us! We try our best to get good coverage, but not everything is possible.

Finally, a massive shout out to our amazing team of interviewers, many of whom came on at the last minute to share the load – it’s an enormous task, and they are all fabulous! Thanks to Alexandra Pierce, Belle McQuattie, David McDonald, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Greg Chapman, Helen Stubbs, Ju Landeesse, Katharine Stubbs, Marisol Dunham, Matthew Morrison, Matthew Summers, Rivqa Rafael, Shauna O’Meara, Stephanie Gunn, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Tehani Wessely and Tsana Dolichva – you’re all awesome!

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