2020 Snapshot: Silvia Brown

Silvia Brown (née Silvia Cantón Rondoni) is a Spanish-born Australian horror writer and poet. Silvia lived and worked in Ireland, Canada, The Netherlands, (and Melbourne) before moving to Canberra to focus on her writing. Her current projects include a poetry collection, a couple of short story commissions and a literary translation. Silvia enjoys long naps with her bulldog Patch and attending writing conventions. Website: https://silviabrown.wixsite.com/portfolio

1. Tell us about your recent publications/projects?

An announcement was made this week about my signing my upcoming poetry collection with IFWG Publishing under my Spanish name, Silvia Canton Rondoni. A project very close to my heart, that was born after the loss of a close friend of mine early last year and on which I have been able to focus on since my moving to Canberra.
Living in Canberra has been a breath of fresh air, except perhaps during the bushfires. Not only am I surrounded by an amazingly supportive writers’ community, I have also been able to take the time to think about where I want to be professionally. With that in mind, I established Telltale Literary Translations and completed the translation of Lee Murray’s Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse. A great opportunity to work with an author I look up to in the transition of her book into the Spanish language, while remaining faithful to her original tone, voice and style.
Besides that, I was thrilled to have my bushfire story, “A Town Named Hope”, included in a charity anthology to support the Australian firefighters. That same story was later on picked up as a reprint by a similar themed anthology for the American market.
Even though all conventions were sadly cancelled, I feel blessed to have had my fair share of proofreading and editing work. One project I am particularly excited about is working alongside David Bowles as the editor of the Spanish translation of his Garza Twin series.
2. What has been the best publishing experience of your career so far?
Up until recently, the answer to that question would have been my very first short commission for the award-winning Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 2.
Yet I must confess nothing can compare to work on my poetry collection with artist and illustrator Silvia Nieto. What most people don’t know is that we have known each other for almost twenty years, and have dreamt of working together ever since. Silvia brings what can only be described as a visual soul to my poems. Working with someone that knows me like she does, and being supported by IFWG’s owner, Gerry Huntman, has been one of the best publishing experiences of my career so far.
3. Which recent Australian/NZ work would you recommend to international fans interested in expanding their Antipodean spec fic knowledge? 
I’ll recommend international fans to check the lists of finalists and winners of Antipodean speculative fiction awards (Shadows, Ditmars, Aurealis, Sir Julius Vogel). Anthologies are the perfect start point to get a taste for both established and new authors in our community; and conventions are the perfect place to get face-to-face with the authors and support their work, once international border restrictions are lifted.

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