And that’s a wrap! 2020 Snapshot is done…

Well, it ended up being nearly two and half months of work, and five interviews a day (most days) posted on the website for over six weeks, but I’ve finally reached the end! With no in-person Continuum or Worldcon to enjoy, I guess it was a good distraction and way to touch base with all you wonderful people out there, instead of face to face.

Thank you so much to every single person who responded to the 2020 Snapshot – this project would not have shape without you. To the folks who were unable to participate due to time commitments, a feeling like maybe they didn’t have much to share, or simply because my emails were lost in the realm of cyberspace, I hope we can include you next time! Thanks also to everyone who shared links to the interviews on the socials and let me know how much you’ve enjoyed reading them 🙂

It was a real pleasure to re/connect with so many people in the Antipodean spec fic world – I have discovered SO MANY new creators both in Australia and from across the pond, and really appreciate the help I got from people in NZ in uncovering their rich and diverse crowd of writerly, arty and publisher types.

It’s going to take me a bit of time to get the list of interviews properly linked on the Snapshot 2020 homepage, but here’s the names anyway – all 220 of them!  And don’t forget, to search the site for particular Snapshots from any year, simply click the little + symbol down the bottom of any page on the site to reveal the search bar, tags and category clouds.

Alex Adsett
Joanne Anderton
Eugen Bacon
Mike Barry
Jeremy Bates
Alan Baxter
Kevin Berry
Jenny Blackford
J S Breukelaar
Amanda Bridgeman
Silvia Brown
Geoff Brown
Adam Browne
Andi / A C Buchanan
Meg Caddy
Octavia Cade
Tara Calaby
Steve Cameron
Trudi Canavan
K H (Katherine) Canobi
Isobelle Carmody
Kura Carpenter
Kylie Chan
Queenie Chan
Greg Chapman
Kat Clay
Adrian Collins
Paul Collins
Aaron Compton
Craig Cormick
Jake Corvus
Brian Craddock
Tehani Croft
Alison Croggon
Andrew Cull
Jack Dann
Rjurik Davidson
Matthew R Davis
Stephen Dedman
Marianne de Pierres
Steve Dillon
Terry Dowling
Aidan Doyle
Aaron Dries
Grace Dugan
Tom Dullemond
Thoraiya Dyer
Sarah Epstein
Alison Evans
Melissa Ferguson
Jason Fischer
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Claire Fitzpatrick
Satima Flavell
Helen Vivienne Fletcher
Aiki Flinthart
Dirk Flinthart
Maureen Flynn
James Foley
Tania Fordwalker
Kate Forsyth
Jason Franks
Rebecca Fraser
Peta (P M) Freestone
Lisa Fuller
Ephiny Gale
Michael Gardner
J A Gates
Jean Gilbert
Bruce Gillespie
Nhys Glover
Chloe Gong
Laura Goodin
Alison Goodman
Lynne Lumsden Green
Liz Gryzb
Stephanie Gunn
Lisa L Hannett
Donna Hanson
Melanie Harding-Shaw
Richard Harland
Narrelle Harris
Cassie-J C Hart / Nova Blake
Edwina Harvey
Sam Hawke
Simon Haynes
Talie Helene
Alister Hodge
Marie Hodgkinson
Neil Hogan
Robert Hood
Kathryn Hore
Gerry Huntman
Ian Irvine
George Ivanoff
Trent Jamieson
Patty Jansen
Pamela Jeffs
Kathleen Jennings
Thalia Kalkipsakis
Louise Katz
Amie Kaufman
Christopher Keene
Russell Kirkpatrick
Krissy Kneen
Alisa Krasnostein
Margo Lanagan
A J Lancaster
Chris Large
Glenda Larke
Cary J Lenehan
Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan
Maria Lewis
Rebecca Lim
Earl Livings
Helen Lowe
Bren MacDibble / Cally Black
Devin Madson
Paul Mannering
Juliet Marillier
Ben Marshall
Freya Marske
Chris Mason
Sophie Masson
Kirstyn McDermott
Andrew McGahan
Laura Jean McKay
Chris McMahon
Sean McMullen
Catherine (CS) McMullen
Piper Mejia
Piotr Mierzejewski
Jennifer Mills
Rose Mitchell
Cherie Mitchell
D K Mok
Sean Monaghan
Lara Morgan
Margaret Morgan
Jaclyn Moriarty
Matthew Morrison
Faith Mudge
Eileen Mueller
Tamsyn Muir
Meg Mundell
Lois Murphy
Lee Murray
Samantha Murray
Jason Nahrung
Tim (T R) Napper
Charlotte Nash
Abigail Nathan
Peter Nicholls
K S Nikakis
Garth Nix
Shauna O’Meara
Anya Ow
H G Parry
Steven Paulsen
Celia (C H) Pearce
Amanda Pillar
Gillian Polack
A J (Alicia) Ponder
Lisette Prende
Michael Pryor
Dan Rabarts
Rivqa Rafael
Jane Rawson
Isa Pearl Ritchie
Tansy Rayner Roberts
Alice Robinson
Leonie Rogers
Penni Russon
Krys Saclier
Jamie Sands
David Schembri
Christopher Sequeira
Leife Shallcross
Deborah Sheldon
Angela Slatter
J Ashley Smith
Shane W Smith
Cat Sparks
A J Spedding
Jo Spurrier
Nick Stathopoulos
Robert Stephenson
Keith Stevenson
Grant Stone
Dirk Strasser
Helen Stubbs
Nike (N A) Sulway
Lucy Sussex
Karah Sutton
Shaun Tan
Lian Tanner
K J Taylor
Vivienne To
Cameron Trost
Douglas Van Belle
David Versace
Lachlan Walter
Marlee Jane Ward
Kyla Ward
Kaaron Warren
Emma Weakley
Janeen Webb
M Darusha Whehm
Corey J White
Jen White
Eleanor Whitworth
Kim Wilkins
Sean Williams
Suzanne Willis
Rohan Wilson
Tabatha Wood
Sophie Yorkston
Marty Young
Louise Zedda-Sampson
Lucy Zinkiewincz


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