2007 Snapshot Archive: Alisa Krasnostein

Interviewed by Kaaron Warren

First published at ASiF!

Alisa Krasnostein is the Executive Editor of ASif and a founding member of Twelfth Planet Press. She is the editor of New Ceres, and coeditor of upcoming projects Shiny, a YA ezine, and 2012, a SF anthology.

Q1: Alisa, you’re at the centre of quite a number of projects; New Ceres, ASif, Shiny and Last Short Story. What motivates you to put in the hours you need to in order to make these work? Is it love of fiction in general, or the desire to help Australian fiction grow? Certainly your projects are ones which broaden the reputation of Australian writers.

I think mostly I’m motivated to put in the time because I see very real results; that’s certainly what’s kept me motivated, in any case. I have a very strong love of fiction and I have come across so many really good writers in our local scene who I think should be noticed. If I can help get them noticed, well that’s very cool. I love diversity, in all things and I want to read fiction that represents all people out there, not just the stereotypes. And so I’d like to see Australian writers out there, being noticed and enjoyed. I think there are more stories that can be told and that should be read. And I want to be part of making that happen and think that I can help contribute to doing that.

Q2: What did you do with your time before you started Asif and the other projects? Do you feel your ‘real job’ is as important as what you are doing with the literary world? Is it less important now that you have so much else to occupy you?

Goodness? What did I do with my time? I can hardly remember! There was a thesis that I took home with me more often. I did dabble with writing, don’t we all have a novel under our bed that should stay there? I definitely did more craft and I read far more and more broadly and I watched more TV without reading/typing on the laptop at the same time.

My real job is no less important to me. I’m qualified as an Environmental Engineer and I have a deep passion for protecting the environment. It’s very hard to say that could ever be less important than … well anything else! It’s definitely something I’ve been thinking about lately; whether I could walk away from the kind of work I do in my ‘real job’ and be okay with no longer contributing to that cause.

Q3: You’ve said you have no desire to write, but want to remain a commentator and editor. Would you like this to become a paying job, something you can do full time?

I don’t think I’m remotely qualified or experienced enough to warrant someone paying me fulltime. But, yes I’d definitely seriously consider an offer if it came my way.

Also, I know you’re traveling to the US for World Fantasy this year. Do you have a plan in mind of who you’d like to meet and what kind of deals you’d like to make?


Q4. Enough about the editing and commentary. What’s the best thing you’ve read this year?

Hmmm! tough question!!! I’ve been brushing up on my YA so I’d have to say So Yesterday and Peeps by Scott Westerfeld. I really enjoyed Jason Nahrung’s The Darkness Within. I still have a lot of the books people are raving about on my bedside in the to-read queue, so I would have more to say about novels later. As for anthologies, I am loving The New Space Opera and Logorrhea. Short stories. Not too many 5’s. I would probably be fairest to say a story we are going to publish in Shiny later this month by Sue Isle called “The Sun People” not because we’re going to publish it but because it stood out as so different to what else is being published right now and has really stayed with me so long after I read it.

Q5. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you’re given the opportunity to get it on with the fictional character you fancy most. Who’s it gonna be and why?

It’s gonna be Faith from Buffy. It’s obvious why, yeah?


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